Don’t waste your time/money hiring professional painter. You should just do it yourself!

Nem Jović

All you need to do is watch a couple of you tube vids on how to paint, buy some cheapo brushes rollers etc from Bunnings and some crappy paint made in china , drag your partner to help you and Voila! Start Painting! ☺

Nothing can be more romantic than connecting with your significant other than painting together!

How much fun will it be having paint on your hands, face, hair, clothes, floor etc, spending weekends, after work hours, basically all your free time…Painting! Yay!!

Can you imagine ALL that time, time that you will NEVER get back painting!?

Or how about spending weekends upon weekends then suddenly realising that you have ONLY painted 1 room!! You start to realise how much WORK is actually left to do!

Then you start to calculate how much TIME it will take to paint the rest of the house.

But you always wanted to paint the exterior as well!?

With all that time spent on painting your house, you will have other things in your life pop up, like birthday parties, lunch functions, family events, holidays etc.

You will be then left with two options: 1) you attend the functions or 2) you don’t. Pretty clear right?

Picture the frustration building within you as you grapple within….

If you attend the function, you lose valuable painting time and hence the length of you SLAVING away painting during your spare time increases.

Or you don’t go to the functions and start thinking about what your missing out on, the socialising with friends/family, fun & happy atmosphere, couple of drinks to feel really good about yourself, then come back to reality!

You start resenting ever thinking it was a good idea to do the painting in the first place.

And to whom do you take your anger and frustrations on ? ( in either option!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, time is our most glorious asset! Cherish it. Remember you can earn money, lose it and get it again. But when you lose time, it is NEVER coming back, its gone forever!

Hire a Professional Painter.

Pay for the investment in your home and the saving of YOUR TIME!

Go out and Enjoy your Life!

Nem Jović

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